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What Are People Saying?

Trudy Gets Things Done!

From ideation to execution, Trudy has vast experience. Check out some of the testimonials that have been shared by people who have worked with Trudy and get in touch with questions.

Kim Y - Wolf Haven International

Trudy is a high energy, creative individual who approaches any problem, situation or obstacle as an “opportunity”, rather than a stumbling block. She is a multitasking and big picture thinker.
She was the first to bring Wolf Haven International into the world of social media; consequently, WHI had a presence on Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and other sites long before many other nonprofit organizations.
I enjoyed working with her enormously. The two of us co-produced a number of events (that Trudy initiated) and executed many successful promotional campaigns.
For any one looking for a mover and shaker who will never run out of ideas, enthusiasm and good humor, Trudy is your woman! - Kim Y, Communications Director, Wolf Haven International

Robyn D - University of Calgary

Trudy’s positive, energetic attitude has solid roots from the early days of her career. In 1989, I was fortunate to have a hard-working, enthusiastic young woman working for me who brought a spirit of generosity and community to both her workplace and her personal life. I admired her ability to embrace change, take risks and follow her intuition. Over the years, she has taken advantage of her curiosity and willingness to learn to expand her knowledge and, in turn, share it with others. Trudy’s inclusive nature has attracted a variety of people and experiences into her life which she has accepted with the grace and composure of a true professional

 –  Robyn D.  Director, Marketing & Communications at University of Calgary Students’ Union

Dinah M - Chapman University

Anyone who meets Trudy is not likely to forget her. Some adjectives would be smart, creative, driven, goal-focused, and always always positive. I’ve never seen her hesitate to take on a challenge. She is always eager to learn as much as she can from any situation. Trudy is a joy to know, a joy to work with, and a joy to teach.
–  Dinah M, instructor, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Chapman University

Christopher D - 501Videos

The thing I love about Trudy is she does what she says she’s going to do and I don’t have to give it another thought. Whenever I see her name somewhere (an email, blog post, wherever), I always smile. She’s terrific to work with and a real joy to be around.
Christopher D, Nonprofit video series producer.

Nathan A - Swantown Inn B&B

I have worked with Trudy in a couple of different capacities. Firstly while she was Marketing Director at Wolf Haven, in a client relationship as we supported some of their advertising efforts. She produced an amazing array of marketing materials.
Secondly we both served on the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee together, where she showed a depth and breadth of knowledge on community events and local not for profits.
Nathan A, Specialist in Online Marketing for Travel and Hospitality

Tiffany S - WA Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Trudy was very active in the Chamber of Commerce. I really enjoyed working with her. She always strongly represented the organization she worked for and was an asset to any team.
Tiffany S, Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) Program Director

Sylvie M - Evergreen State College Professor

Trudy is a colleague in the field of grant writing and development. She’s done a super job at Wolf Haven International – netting them high visibility in the local community, and developing a wide variety of effective and engaging events and outreach strategies. Since she’s been at Wolf Haven, I’ve seen more about them in the news and in event listings than in all the time before that combined!
Trudy’s fun to work with, and always helpful to colleagues, to boot
Sylvie M, Independent Non-Profit Organization Management Professional

Orlanda K - US Fish & Wildlife

I work with Trudy in several different ways; she mentored me while I attended college, leads me as a volunteer and we also exchange ideas in a professional capacity.
I’m impressed with Trudy’s take charge approach in her work and frequently look to her for advice and ideas. I appreciate her willingness to help others while keeping on top of her many duties as Director of Marketing and Development at Wolf Haven International.
Orlanda K, Restoration and Volunteer Coordinator at US F&WS

Greg S - 3 Cities FM

Trudy Soucoup, is a mover and a shaker! Anytime she is associated with a project, it’s going to get done! She definitely understands marketing, and how to “get the buzz” going. She is responsible, tactile, strategic, nice, honest, friendly, knowledgeable, insightful, …. what else could you possibly want!
Greg S, Sales at 3 Cities FM

Dave S - Keller Williams Realty

I found Trudy to be a one of my go to members, what ever I needed I knew that she would find a way to assist and or take care of it herself. I value the support and personal relationship that has developed over the years working with Trudy in assisting her with her business and her with mine.
Dave S, Team Member of Saundra Sisk at Keller Williams Realty

Renee S - WA Retail Association

I have partnered with Trudy in a number of capacities throughout the past six years. She is a strong and reliable representative of both the business and non-profit community of Thurston County. Trudy is not only creative in her approach to projects but also reliable in her follow-through. I look forward to partnering with her in the future.
Renee S,  Former Deputy Director at Thurston Economic Development Council

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